Two-Hook Bra Band Extender Set (Black, White, Beige) (90-Pack (30 black, 30 white, 30 beige))

Hambissy - Two-Hook Bra Band Extender Set (Black, White, Beige) (90-Pack (30 black, 30 white, 30 beige))
Product Details
  • BREATHE FREE - Do you ever feel constricted by your bra? Wish you could just take it off and take a deep breath? The Bra Extender will give you the desired room to breathe freely while keeping your bra on. This invisible solution will make your bras the most comfortable so you can focus on bigger things and enjoy life!
  • SAVE MONEY ON NEW BRAS - Outgrow the band of a beloved bra? Need a little more room across the back? Simply add a Bra Extender and save yourself the time and money from having to find, try on and buy a whole new bra!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT DESIGN - No more bra bulge on the side because the bra band is too tight! Made with soft materials,strong metal hooks and designed for use with standard bra straps, these top quality bra extenders are perfect for daily wear. The best part: instantly add or remove - wear it only when you need it. Machine wash cold and air dry.
  • INCREASE BRA COMFORT - Introducing a new and improved design for a custom and comfortable bra band fit, these adjustable brassier extenders are a must-have in one's wardrobe arsenal against too-tight undergarments!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – More of Me to Love is the world’s leading brand for clothing extenders that make you feel more comfortable and happy. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for an exchange or refund.